Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thinking Spring

It's hard to think about spring as the temperatures are getting cooler and leaves are starting to turn colors around the edges of our favorite trees.  Everyone is getting into the swing of school routines and before you know it, October will be here (have you decided what you are going to be for Halloween yet?).

Despite the fact that we recently introduced our fall collection, we are already thinking spring. Optimism abounds with the promise of warmer temperatures and longer days on the horizon. This got us feeling a little nostalgic about a recent trip to Arequipa, Peru, with its sun-drenched streets and brightly-colored buildings. The photos alone are enough to make a grown man (or woman) sigh.

With scenery this beautiful, it's difficult to not be inspired! Introducing the Spring/Summer 2011 color palette. Earthy red and warm golden orange. Soft yellow and leafy green. Sky blue. Colors that make us think of lazy afternoons drinking lemonade or having a picnic. Preferably near water, where we can catch a cool breeze.

Sol de Mayo, Arequipa, Peru

Doorway, Arequipa, Peru

And with the colors of Arequipa on our minds, we will while away our autumn afternoons with the customary activities - trips to the apple orchard, raking leaves on a warm afternoon, and picking out the perfect pumpkin to carve. Oh yes, and football. Lots of football.