Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What Not To Do

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh said something once that has stuck with me since I heard it. Paraphrasing..."The hardest thing for an entrepreneur is figuring out what not to do."

How true. Figuring out what to do is pretty easy. We're all taught how to make a list of priorities. But saying no to truly good ideas...that's really tough.

Almost everyone at Fair Indigo is a fountain of ideas. Let's do this. Let's try that. We get even more ideas from our customers. You should carry extended sizes. You should ship to the UK. You need more men's stuff. I love your baby selection, why don't you go up to kids sizes? Will you please open a store in Boulder.

If resources were not an issue, we would do all of these things. But of course resources are an issue.

Saying "no" is not in my DNA; it's a skill I continue to get a crash course in. But I think limited resources will serve us well in the long term. Making limited but smart additions to our line isn't like ice cream, it's a bit more like spinach--tasty, but in a "I know this is good for me" kind of way. The ice cream will come later.

Have you had to figure out what not to do? Would love to hear your stories.